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About Bridgeview as a Nonprofit Organization

​Bridgeview has been working to connect low-income individuals, families, and children to the resources for self-reliance since 2012.

Education, employment, healthcare, and other supports are all necessary for low-income families to thrive. Bridgeview provides connections to these vital supports through more than 90 community partners who share our perspective…and our network is growing. Click here for a list of our partners.


Our vision is a community where a systemic approach and shared responsibility break the cycle of poverty through stable housing, self-reliance, and improved quality of life.


We value self-reliance, self-confidence, perspective, results, opportunity to serve, employment, and education.

We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the state of Washington. More than 2,000 VHA residents benefit from the resources and referrals we provide.​


Our Staff Leadership Team:

Roy Johnson, Interim Executive Director

Priscilla Bryant, Operations Manager

Emily Dixon, Family Self-Sufficiency Program Manager

Jodi Freydenfeldt, Volunteer & Engagement Manager

Our Board of Directors


Joan Caley, Chair

Tim Foley, Vice Chair

Janiece Micheal, Secretary-Treasurer


Linda Glover

Ryan Halley

Dominique Horn

Roy Johnson

Linda King

Kit Kuran

Sean Moore

Brandi Williams
Kevin Witte

How Bridgeview Fulfills Its Mission

Working with community partners, we encourage residents of all ages and abilities to discover new passions and define new opportunities. For children, we encourage academic enthusiasm and success. For young adults, education and training to qualify for a living wage job. For work- able adults, the training, skills, and motivation to attain a life free from subsidies for themselves and their children. For those households that may require longer term rental assistance, opportunities to enhance their quality of life and to engage in their community.

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